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About Silver Jet

Our specialism is in using data to build understanding of your customer base and how they interact with you. We use this insight to develop the strategy and tactics you use to deliver a personalised experience.

Ultimately, it increases revenue from your customer base through improved loyalty.

Meet the Team

Stephen James, Founder and Managing Director

Stephen James

Founder & Managing Director

Stephen spent many years on the client side, building CRM programmes, developing discipline of marketing analytics and developing customer centric strategies with predictive analytics.

Direct communications is his forte, using data to find the pockets of value, pull out the behaviours and turn them into highly personalised campaigns, designed to enhance the customer experience and add to the client’s bottom line.

Strategic development, direct mail, segmentation, email, personalisation, data modelling and loyalty building programmes are all part of what Stephen can deliver for our clients. The one thing all of these have in common, their ability to drive new customer, revenue and profit.

Becky Flint, Account Manager

Becky Flint

Account Manager

Becky has extensive experience working with clients in both the public and private sectors helping organisations meet their objectives and understand their challenges.  

With a background in both bid and proposal management she is a detail orientated marketeer with strong communication and organisation skills. Managing client requirements and strict deadlines she is practised in working in a fast-paced environment to deliver multiple projects to varied customers within different timescales.   

Understanding clients’ needs, stakeholder management and helping organisations uncover the value that they offer to their customers are all key aspects that Becky brings to our clients. 

Chris Goodswen, Senior Analyst

Chris Goodswen

Senior Analyst

Chris has over 25 years’ experience working in data marketing, both in large corporations and small agencies. His extensive data management skills have allowed him to hone his expertise in segmentations, single customer views and all areas of customer analytics.  

Specialising in marketing data sets and processing, Chris is able to create bespoke databases and procedures that manage disparate data sources, duplication issues and create a single source of truth.  

These skills enable intelligent customer and campaign analysis, leading to an in-depth knowledge of existing and prospect customer marketplaces, along with the ability to create the necessary processes to take advantage of this insight.  

An improved experience will lead to stronger levels of engagement, more time spent at the front of your customers mind and simply, more revenue.

This is delivered through personalised customer journeys, behaviour modelling, analysis of customer interaction patterns and your campaign activity to support your decision making process.

Your data is an asset that can be used to find more value in your customer base and the markets you operate in. In your transactional data there are patterns that add to your customer intelligence and business decision making ability.

We work with your data to find those golden nuggets and help define the customer strategy, help you understand burgeoning markets and how to focus your resources for the best value for money.

We are marketers with a penchant for data

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