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Sales Force Opimisation


Our client was looking to identify and implement any suitable sales team efficiencies while building the business case for extending their reach on a national scale. Previous analysis had led to the creation of an efficiency model for the existing sales team and a test for a new call centre type approach. However, they needed specialist help to understand the shape of the customer base and how the proposed models could be effectively deployed  

An in-depth analysis was carried out to understand the current contribution of the customer base and how it would change with the proposed models. A model was created that gave customers the appropriate level of account management. Several significant insights were highlighted: 


A reduction in resource could protect the same revenue through improved customer selection and account management 

Retaining the same level of resource, up to 88% of the business could be protected through adopting the project’s principles 

Having more control over the sales ledger could increase revenue from existing resource by 8-12% 


The result of the pilot call centre and testing of data driven external representative ledgers was a year on year increase in sales of 37%. 

A wider, 6-month trial resulted in circa 30% of the national sales team being redeployed according to the principles of the project:


New customer contact targets based on the efficiency model 

Adoption of data driven sales ledgers 

Use of the high sales potential model 


The new approach was rolled out across the national sales team, resulting in a net increase in the amount of resource in the business and increasing the number of customers that received sales team management.