If only it was as easy as communicating with babies

Communication, something that is so simple in concept but so difficult in action. There’s nothing like having a baby to remind you of just how hard the simplest communications can become. My wife and I had our first baby 3 months ago and it is quite terrifying just how much you forget about effective communication and just how much you take good quality communications for granted. No matter how many people told me, I just wasn’t prepared for just how many different issues are brought to my attention through crying. In the early days it was simple, 6 different issues that you could systematically work through until you find the one that is causing the crying, fix it and away you go. If only i

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Silver Jet Insight is a Marketing Agency with a difference.


We have a clear focus on using a data driven approach to add value to your customer experience, improving your marketing and your ROI. 


Our experience in marketing analysis and data marketing shines through in our specialisms, CRM, Customer lifecycle, segmentation, customer loyalty, personalisation and direct marketing.

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