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Marketing Analysis

You need to look back in order to move forward

Marketing analysis begins with understanding the landscape that your campaign will be addressing. Knowing more about your target customers, their behaviours and their characteristics is fundamental in developing campaigns that engage and drive action.

When you monitor the performance of your campaign activity, at the most basic level you are able to start identifying what works and what doesn’t. In the simplest sense, it helps you understand where your budget shouldn’t be going.

While you can take a 'fit and forget' approach to creating your marketing or sales campaign, invest in activity to go out to your target market and then move on, this isn't good for the long term health of your business and your budgets. It is crucial to regularly review the performance of your activity. 


Good marketing analysis is much more than a steer away from where you shouldn’t be putting your money, it is the most powerful tool you have available to help drive your future activity. 

It is crucial to regularly review the performance of your activity

Continue digging to find the gold

You can drill into your customer behaviour, how they interact with your material and how they transact with you. The hits and the misses build a picture of what works and what doesn’t, informing your approach in the future.


There is a huge amount to be learned from how different types of customers respond, which channels they engage with, types of offers, time of day, etc, the list of things you can learn about is huge and gives you great detail on how to customise your activity to be the most effective. This is the insight into what works for your customers and becomes the source of information used in putting your next brief together.


Great analysis gives you the insight that lets you gain a deeper understanding of the customer and what makes them tick, meaning your next experience can be better than before.

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