Case Study



A rapidly growing national mobile smartphone and tablet repair service, WeFix were looking to gain a better understanding of their customer base. Specifically, identifying their typical customers and how to include them in marketing campaigns. They also required guidance on potential geographical locations for expansion and growth.  

WeFix’s customer data was cleansed and the next step was to profile the customer base to help them better understand the current shape of their market. Using our partnership with Experian and their Mosiac data we were able to add depth and understanding to the customer base through the Mosaic append, adding socio-economic segments to their customer database. 

Using the key characteristics from the customer analysis we were able to build detailed pen portraits of the customer segments with a propensity to use the WeFix service. These profiles enabled WeFix to develop a deep understanding of their customer base, their decision making drivers, economic situation and communication channels.  

The customer base profiling was also used for geographic modelling to support the business in making decisions on which areas they could expand into in the future. Likewise, it informed on areas with a low likelihood of interest that should be avoided. As their business was growing it needed to use all the intelligence at its disposal in order to make informed decisions about where investment was required and how to make sure that their money would generate a positive return.  

"Silver Jet has contributed enormously to our understanding of the WeFix customer, where they are, what they do and how they live their lives. It's certainly one of the most worthwhile marketing exercises I've ever undertaken."

Tim Tuff, Head of Marketing

The analysis provided figures which supported current trends in both low performing and high performing areas, supporting our recommendations on which sites they should focus their marketing spend. Following this analysis WeFix have withdrawn service from several areas through predicted low performance as well as reducing service where there is duplicate cover. The geographic modelling has offered a series of target areas for expansion. The customer profiling has helped define WeFix’s proposition, messaging and marketing, supporting the maturing of their business and directing marketing targeting, social media and outdoor media spend.