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Using personalisation in marketing means you get better results. People don't like to be treated as one of a crowd. Recognise that and communicate appropriately


All good marketing automation platforms have the ability to personalise so that the content that a person receives is more relevant


One of the most important themes in marketing is 'the right message, the right person, the right time'. Using the ability within marketing automation enables you to do all three. Personalisation isn't just about addressing an email to [First Name] [Last Name], it’s about the messages and the content too

Communicate Directly and Personally

True personalisation is more effective

Personalisation is much more than placing someone’s name in an email, printing a name in the sand like you used to see in desk calendars. True personalisation is understanding a customer and using their characteristics and behaviour to speak to them on a level that is important to them as an individual.


As a consumer, how many times have you received an offers email from a company, telling you about the product that you bought from them only a few days ago? It isn't only a waste of resource (no matter how small that may be), but it detracts from your reputation.


It’s not just about being aware of purchases or previous interactions. You wouldn't use an image of bricks to engage a plumber and you wouldn't talk about the benefits of a product to a marketeer when the benefit relates to an accountant. That is, unless you have a piece of data to suggest that it would be the right thing to do.


Organisations collect and use lots of data during the course of their day to day operations, which means quite often that the data you can use to personalise already exists, it may just need teasing out to make it truly useful. From VIP flagging through to lifecycle stage status, there are ways to personalise your content and your message depending on the relationship that you have with a customer in addition to the characteristics that can be used to increase engagement.


There are many ways that marketeers can personalise messaging across many different channels. While marketing automation tools typically focus on the digital world (emails, SMS, landing pages, etc) It is possible to feed information and flags into CRM systems to inform sales teams, customer service and account management. This can help with creating contact lists for outbound activity to support campaigns, helping colleagues with understanding the types of conversation they should be having.


The data can also be used to drive more traditional marketing channels, such as direct mail, where personalisation can lead to some extremely creative communications.


Personalisation isn't just a nice thing for organisations to use in their communications, it is essential. It’s effective and it’s expected.

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