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Customer Relationship and  Customer Lifecycle Programmes

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​Effective customer lifecycle programmes are the cornerstone to customer led strategy and great customer experiences

The customer lifecycle can be thought of as a journey, the interactions between the customer and your organisation.


It is a relationship, with interactions coming at different times, for different reasons, fulfilling different needs.


There are different phases of activity for varying periods of time and much like human relationships, we want these to be as fruitful as possible, for as long as possible.

One thing that impacts the lifetime value of a customer is the quality of the products and services that you provide. This has a huge impact on the length and value of the relationship you have with a customer. 

The customer experience you provide is another. 

A good lifecycle programme will help you to maximise the opportunity you have with your customers, communicating with them at every important step of their decision making journey, adding value to the relationship and supporting their purchasing journey.

Customer lifecycle programmes enable you to take your marketing to a higher level


Building the relationship you have with your customers, adding to the overall experience they get from you

Analysis of your customer base informs you of the journey that customers take with you, giving you the insight to structure a programme in a way that communicates with customers at the right time, encouraging positive behaviour and fostering a longer, more valuable relationship for both the customer and yourself.


B2B company with high product values but low/medium sales values were looking for help with customer engagement, specifically combating an increasingly promotion driven customer base

Customer Relationship & Lifecycle

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