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Customer Data Management


​Managing your customer and prospect data should always form the foundations of your business

Accurate data is essential. It means you are able to truly understand how many customers you have, how often they spend, how you both interact, how they like to be communicated with and when things change for them, you are always up to date.


Customer data management increases accuracy in most analysis projects such as Share of Wallet, Basket Analysis, Market Penetration, etc. Importantly, at Person level it ensures your customers are communicated to correctly. You could send a customer a discount offer because they have lapsed, but they are actually spending on a different account. This is both damaging to profits and the perception of your business.


Using techniques such as Single Customer View (SCV) you can build understanding that can lead to new opportunities and cost savings that were previously hidden. It also helps to support your obligations under data protection law.


It is important to recognise that the definition of 'customer' can differ depending on your objective. Especially in the B2B world, you have to be conscious of parent companies, brands, locations and departments in addition to people. Understanding the detail around the relationships within your data helps with targeting influencers, focusing on decision makers themselves or taking an Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach.

Knowing how many customers you truly have enables you to drive your business without wasting resources


Having clean data improves your business and it enables collaboration with other data sources

Customer data management can be complicated, as while the aim is to build automated systems and processes for managing data, inevitably there will need to be steps that require human intervention.


Good processes for cleaning and managing customer data opens many doors, enabling you to uncover new opportunities, reduce costs elsewhere in the business, increase the deliverability of your marketing communications, integrate easily with external data sources and better manage your brand perception.