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Customer understanding

The client had a set idea of their customer, a single persona based on brand engagement and historic feedback, rather than from a deep insight into their customer base.

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Having evolved into the digital space, with a handful of bricks and mortar stores as their Direct to Consumer proposition, the client, a manufacturer of luxury footwear, had built an e-commerce store that had grown and grown, becoming a significant revenue generator in the operation.


This led to a period of reflection on whether they truly knew and understood their customer. If their single persona was still an accurate representation of their typical customer.


By analysing the customer base using transactional data, digital engagement and the freshly enhanced customer database we were able to understand significant segments of customers, their behaviours, their motivations and how we can expect them to behave in the future.

During the process of discovering the true personas that existed, we considered various factors to accurately outline their customers' behaviours. We analysed the customer base through geography, brand engagement, socio-economic status and motivations.

These insights formed the foundation for identifying overlapping behavioural elements and highlighting 3 distinct personas. This helped produce colour and meaning playing a crucial part in helping the client visualise who they’re selling to and comprehending both existing and future customers. 

We suggested utilising the insight into attitudes and preferences from existing customers to target other segments with aligning attitudes to expand the customer base which helped to use the key segments to look at the type of product the customers were purchasing to enable more targeted and personalised campaigns.  


Following the project


Before our involvement with the client, they had a perception of an individual customer “persona”, we were able to tear up that perception. We identified 3 significant personalities at play. Each with their own motivations and spend behaviours.

That depth of understanding has enabled them to work, not just on marketing campaigns, but brick and mortar locations and has impacted their advertising, their digital customer journey and their product development, bringing valuable information to retailers and adding extra value of existing commercial arrangements.


Drop us your details to chat about how we can help you with your challenges and objectives. You will either come away with a vision of your solution or you would have taken a little time to think about it.


Either way, you’ll still be further forward than you are right now.

Increasing Lifetime Value

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Our B2B client with high product values but low/medium sales values needed some help with their customer engagement. We discovered that their customers were highly sensitive to price led promotions which led to a higher churn rate.

Understanding your market

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A rapidly growing national mobile smartphone and tablet repair service, WeFix were looking to gain a better understanding of their customer base. Specifically, identifying their typical customers and how to include them in marketing campaigns. They also required guidance on potential geographical locations for expansion and growth.  

Targeted campaigns

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Our client provided the broad brief of looking at possible opportunities within the business and finding a group of customers within their database who could be influenced through a direct mail campaign. 

Audience engagement

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Our Financial Services client has been running campaigns using bought data with the objective of generating engagement ahead of a switch to lead generation. They were struggling with the inbox and website engagement, not achieving the open, click, page views and repeat visits that they had been looking for. 

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