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Joining up your CRM with Marketing Automation can take the data you have and make it far more powerful, enabling your customers to be treated as individuals and communicated to with right messaging at the right time with the right offering


By informing your CRM, sales and customer databases it also enables knowledge to be shared, giving marketeers, sales colleagues and other customer facing colleagues an advantage


Your customers benefit from everyone being able to understand them better, know how to communicate with them better and ultimately give them a great, relationship building experience

Get more from your CRM

Find more value in your investment

When marketing automation and CRM systems work together, they can improve your customer experience dramatically, creating a smooth journey all the way from prospect to customer and then supporting them through the life of their relationship with you.


By integrating systems, you share knowledge across the organisation. Sales know what stage the customer is at in their lifecycle and the marketing material they have received while Marketing have the knowledge to design campaigns, segment accordingly, apply the best personalisation and communicate effectively.


What the customer gets is a great, joined up experience with consistent messaging.


An example of how the integration and data sharing can work, a prospect has received 6 marketing emails, opened the one on the manufacturing quality assurance of Widget B. They clicked through to your website and made a repeat visit, looking at the features of Widget B and downloaded its technical document. Your pre-sales call books a meeting with the prospect. When your sales person walks into the meeting they already know that the prospect is interested in Widget B, so focuses the conversation on Widget B.


When you have the data on what someone is interested in, you use it.


You are also able to use data from your CRM system to trigger communications out of your marketing automation platform. For example, when your sales team book a demo you could use this action to trigger an email based educational journey, to build up the prospect’s knowledge prior to the meeting, leaving your sales team to focus on the solution.


Additional data on the prospects and customers can open many doors to enhancing your communications and customer journeys.

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The historical challenges of joining Marketing Automation with CRM is often related to different systems that don’t communicate well or you have to try and manage the ongoing data changes in different systems.


There are many ways to share data across platforms. With tools such as open API, SFTPs, Zapier and other transfer technologies, it is cost effective and within reach of businesses of all sizes. No longer do you need to think about large scale, expensive software to build data security and efficiency into your organisation.


Also, think about what data needs to be transferred. How you plan on using the data will guide you on the tools and processes that need to be used.


If you can just move flags it reduces the volume of bytes transferred and increases speed/potentially reduces cost. Using IDs can help with managing security risks as you aren't moving personal data and processing such as carrying out a segmentation could be carried out before pushing the results to your MA platform.


The time and resource investment in a CRM system is always huge for an organisation, so utilising it further by integrating the data with your marketing automation platform will only help to reap the benefits of both.

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