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With a full suite of metrics, A/B testing capabilities and contact performance reporting you can analyse your campaigns. You can also have contact level web activity too


Understanding what's working and what isn't is crucial. Without valuable insights, getting a good result starts to become luck and changing your approach simply becomes change for changes sake


It is important to test, investigate and innovate. This is where really understanding where successes, and failures, come from. The what, why, who, when & how enables you to focus on the next step forward  

Identify what is and isn't effective

Measure, learn and improve

Making changes to your campaigns and relationship management programmes without being informed by good analysis is just guessing. Whether your activity is only within a single channel or not, there are a lot of factors to consider, social impact, digital advertising, website engagement, store visits, etc and all of it can contribute to the performance of your marketing spend.


Simply having an uplift in hits, sales or other headline metrics doesn’t truly provide all the answers, there is a need to understand as much as possible what’s working and depth insights to any successes or failures. These headline metrics are great for a headline 'did it work?' question but to really get into why it worked, or didn't, you need to dive deeper:

  • Which segments of customers or prospects are engaging with my campaign?

  • Has previous communications or social influenced these results?

  • Are there patterns of activity or timings that impact my campaign?

  • Are there any touch-points causing drop-off’s to success?

  • Is my campaign creating long or short-term impact?

  • Is personalisation or bespoke journeys actually impacting success?

  • Which elements of my campaign are driving my Return on Investment?


Reporting and analysis can be as deep as you need it to be. In some cases, a lightweight review is enough. Always ask yourself 'are we really going to do something different in the future?' as you'd be surprised how often the answer is no. If the answer is yes then it becomes important to truly understand the impact of your activity and start asking the right questions.


These days there is a wealth of data available and it is easy to dive into the rabbit hole, so it is essential to consider what data is available and what is useful for answering the questions that you need to answer. Too much data can lead to distraction, so it is important to be disciplined.

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Using multiple datasets along with good data management techniques can really help you to answer the “right” questions. Data can come from many different areas, these can include:

  • Email engagement data

  • Unsubscribe and opt out rates and reasons

  • Website viewing and interaction data

  • A/B Testing

  • Stratified Control Groups

  • Multi-Tiered “Single Customer View” clustering

  • Sales Data

  • Customer acquisition data

  • Historical campaign results


Everything you need to make sure your activity is as successful as it can be is right there and using it in the right way will lead to more effective campaigns and greater results from your marketing automation activity. 

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