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If you knew which pages your website visitors read, where they went next, which led to enquiries, which caused them to leave, you could do so much with that knowledge


When it comes to how your customers and your prospects engage with your marketing emails it's important to focus on the engagement, not just the click


Now we can consider every page the user looks and has looked at. We want to know what they do while browsing freely, because that’s where the real insight is found and observed online behaviour can shape your customer journeys and communication

Know What Your Visitors See

Use their journeys to optimise yours

Every website has key pages, the ones that you want to be engaged with. Quite often these are the ones that lead directly to revenue, be that through a sale or making contact for the offline sales team to do their part.

In a perfect world we want our website visitors to just get on with it and hit our goal pages. But this isn't a perfect world and we need to support our web visitors in finding the information they need and then nudge them towards the goal.


Many marketing automation tools capture not only the opens and clicks from emails but follow that click through to the website and track the user’s journey, adding each page visit to the bank of intelligence. It is these visits and this captured data that enables you to take a deep look into your users, those that complete your goals and those that don't.


The user journey around your site can be mapped in detail, understanding the sequence in which users engage with your content, uncovering the sequences that lead to conversions. With this knowledge you can start to adjust the calls to action on your site and truly guide your users around the high value pages that will lead to your ultimate goal.


Don't consider yourself to have only one optimal journey through the site though. Consider number of visits too and overlay this with your campaigns and any other engagements to work out what the overall journey is, not just one session.


Also remember your segmentations. Different customer types may have different journeys, with different pages and pieces of content having different levels of significance.


Understanding your customer journey is essential to success. When you are able to understand what your customers see and when, it becomes extremely powerful. You can serve up the most important content and the best next action for your customers, helping them to their and your goal in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

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