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Marketing Automation

Taking the weight off your shoulders when it comes to keeping in touch with your customers

When it comes to keeping in touch with your customers, take the weight off your shoulders with Marketing Automation. It may sound like something that's just for big business, complicated and expensive, but there are tools out there that can work for everyone. 

The fact is that no one has all the resource they need. You have to be smart about what you have, which means making smart decisions and using smart tech. It takes away the repetitive tasks, the dark art of building an email and the stress of worrying about where your data is. What automation gives you is time. 

By its very definition, marketing automation should make life simple. It should free your campaigns rather than restrict them, it should make your strategies more responsive. The ability is there to maximise your opportunities and make things quicker, smarter and easier.  

It is important to work out what you want to achieve and why. Ideally you need to understand the expertise that automation offers and the advantages in terms of increased ROI.  

Let the tech do the heavy lifting

Allows you to be more effective

The key benefit of a marketing automation platform is that it allows organisations to focus on targeting the right person, with the right message at the right time. It allows you to retarget past and current clients with upsell and cross-sell messages to aid retention and improve lifetime value. 

In order to choose the right platform be sure to ask specific questions on activity and goal requirement, remain focused on your objectives and what you want out of the platform. It is easy to be distracted by fancy bells and whistles but the technology should be assessed against the likely usage. 

When looking at ‘free’ solutions there is a place for these where small businesses want to experiment with automation. It allows the option of experiencing and learning more about automation without having to initially commit to a costly fee. However, it is important to be cautious as they can soon become very expensive or frustrating due to limited functionality. 

Want to learn more about Marketing Automation and how it can add value to your Sales and Marketing activity?

As Force24 Platinum partners this is of course our preferred platform. There are many reasons we chose to work with Force24 over other available platforms. The key reasons for our choice were that Force24 offers excellent functionality on a genuinely intelligent platform. There are lots of personalisation options which we believe is vital for successful marketing. The platform is fully GDPR compliant and offers great value for money. For more about our partnership with Force24 check out our blog

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