A significant tool in understanding your customer base

You have many customers, they come to you to buy your products and services but do so for different reasons. Using segmentations can help your customer understanding through grouping similar types of customers together, giving you the ability to gain a deep understanding of the segment.


It is this understanding that gives you the power to communicate with your customers in a targeted and relevant way. If you understand more about what makes them tick, you can say the right thing at the right time. Effective marketing is all about relevancy, which good segmentations help you achieve.


Great segmentations take it further and help you with getting your timing and communication channel right too. It helps you make the most of your budget, getting the best response rate, ROI and just as importantly your customers feel much more understood and that you recognise them as an individual, not just a contact to receive the same as everyone else.


Not all customers are the same,

the approach to segmentations shouldn’t be either

Segmentations can be simple or complex, it is about finding out what approach works for your business and your customers. Quite simply, they are tools for understanding buyer behaviour, the triggers for purchase and personalising the experience you offer your customer.

Targeted sales and marketing activity starts by being more effective with your resources, but ends with your customers getting useful offers at the right time, feeling more understood and feeling more valued. They get a better experience from you, which leads to loyalty and growth.