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Use lead scoring to highlight customers and prospects when they show interest in you. Point your resources at the best opportunities and accelerate the process


Visitors to your website will be at different stages in their buying cycle and you will want them to accelerate through that process and choose you


Being able to score your pages adds the ability to understand just how cool, warm or hot a lead could be, enabling the most appropriate response from you based on how your site is interacted with

Speed up the sales cycle

Focus your funnel activity

Lead scoring functionality means that you can assign values to email interactions and web pages, so that you can calculate scores and assign the appropriate action. These scores portray the level of engagement that you are getting from a contact and give you a tool to use for optimising your follow up strategy.


If you consider the emails you send as the impetus for starting an engagement with a contact, lead scoring methodology monitors this engagement, collates the actions of the contact and enables you to use to trigger your best response.


Starting with the assumption that endless sales force resources are not available, you need to ensure that the leads you are handing to your sales team are of the highest quality. Understanding which contacts are engaging with emails, viewing web pages, making direct visits to your website and viewing key content is a great way to qualify the interest and intent of a contact.


You begin by applying a value to an action, for example:


Email open

Subject line engaged the contact


Email click

Contact followed the call to action


Web page view

Contact visited website through an email


Direct web visit

Contact revisited site without using an email click


High value page visit

Pages with valuable content that imply an intent to buy


Goal page view

Contact completes a goal e.g. download a whitepaper


Adding up the values of all these actions gives you insight into how engaged a contact is with you at a given point in time.


Now that you have the insight into how engaged a contact is, you are able to create your own actions, from creating tipping points that trigger a call from your sales team though to taking the contact on a bespoke journey to take them to the point of purchase.


As an example, you could be getting plenty of email engagement but not getting the click through, so you may take the contact on a journey that is more direct in getting the contact onto your website. In other situations, you may be getting the contact onto your site but they never view your key content and high value pages, so you may trigger additional emails that drop the contact right onto your killer content.


You may want to take it even further and view the scores at an organisational level. If you are communicating to several people within an organisation in order to influence the selection of a product or vendor, taking a view of the lead scores and engagements at an organisational level could give you the edge.


Lead scoring is a valuable tool in giving you insight into engagement and then triggering the most appropriate action that gives you the results that you are looking for.

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