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Microsites and landing pages are the perfect tool to support your marketing. You can be more specific, direct and focused with your campaigns. Importantly, they are quick to create


They are used for a specific task like promoting a product, project or campaign. You can step away from your primary website design (brand guidelines permitting) and let the campaign creativity loose and focus fully on your campaign objectives


Other big benefits of microsites is that they usually cost less than adding to your existing website and are much quicker to develop 

Campaign specific pages

Temporary objective driven pages

Using a microsite or landing pages enables you to focus on your objectives, away from the complexity of integrating campaigns into your main website. Campaigns typically have very specific objectives, sell product A, engage customers of segment B, prevent negative behaviour C, which can be very hard to implement in amongst the framework and design of your main website.


Simply put, it can be like wedging a square peg in a round hole.


That’s not to say that your regular site should be overlooked, quite the opposite, but you should have an open mind to using the most appropriate tool for the job.


Campaigns usually have a very clear call to action; they are about getting your target to do something specific after all. If your main website doesn’t facilitate this single minded action, then a microsite or landing page is probably what you need.


With a dedicated microsite you can zone in on the objective and the call to action, placing all the necessary information and content around the call to action in a way that may not be feasible on your main site. You will typically have a greater ability to design around the detail of your campaign, keeping a tight circle around the user and what they need to hit your goals.


Essentially, you will create a better user experience through having the relevant content close to hand, reducing the possibility of the user bouncing off your campaign.

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A microsite doesn’t sit within your main website, which reduces the risk of issues with one affecting the other. There is usually a resource benefit too, as you don’t need to access the same development resource. Your IT department can focus on running, maintaining and developing the main site without having to factor in the complications of adding and removing campaign specific pages.


A lot of marketing automation platforms include microsite functionality as a means of delivering more personalised experiences across email, social and other digital channels.


Taking the concept of focusing on the objective even further, personalised microsites can deliver key messages and nudge users towards the goal based on all the data you have available.


Landing pages and microsites can support you in growing campaigns out to deliver the best possible experience. From being a tool that enables specific content to be quickly made available online through to personalising the most relevant content and optimising the user’s journey, these are tools that every business should have in their toolbox.


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