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It is about using software to take care of marketing activities. Repetitive tasks are automated to maintain high levels of contact while freeing up time


Marketing automation isn't just about efficiency, it means that you can give much more personalised experiences to your customers too 

You get to nurture the relationship, be responsive when you need to be, manage the flow of information and content. Your customers experience is much more joined up, hearing from you at the right times, with the right messages, constantly building that relationship

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is not just a tool, but a strategy that enables you to create experiences that nurture prospects, develop relationships and delight your customers.


The key themes at the centre of a great marketing automation strategy are great content at the right time.


The key benefits to you are that you maintain regular contact with your customers and prospects, increasing revenue and growing your customer base, all without having to spend a fortune on labour to make it happen.


It just so happens that software is needed to make it happen.

It actually is possible to do all of this without Marketing Automation software, but you do need an army of resource to pull data, process it, apply the necessary information and flags, trigger the campaign, document the campaign send and track the activity. Even with this expensive army, the frequency of conducting this level of activity falls into the category of improbable.


The software side of marketing automation is about removing repetition and enabling greater personalisation. It’s about mapping out the journey, what communications follow what actions. Essentially, the right message to the right person at the right time.


The most effective use of marketing automation comes when organisations approach it as managing cycles, not filling funnels.


Customers should not be the output of what you do, they should be the centre of what you do. Which is where a well designed approach to marketing automation can be the difference between filling a very leaky bucket and growing a business with strong, long customer relationships.


Quite often campaigns begin with a list and end with some sort of hand over to the sales team. Broadcast your content, generate a lead, pass to sales, repeat again and again and again.


This hand over process, the tailing off of post sales communication, the disjointed customer service, they all create the potential for customer dissatisfaction. Customers shouldn't feel transitions between people and departments. With a great marketing automation platform and a well thought through strategy this won't be the case.


Quite simply, marketing automation is what can take your customer experiences to the next level. It just so happens to be a software solution that needs steering to get the absolute best from it.

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