Silver Jet Insight was born from a desire to use data driven marketing to give your customers the best possible experience.

The relationship that a person has with the business they use can vary from simple transactions to long term partnerships. 

Improve your customer experience using your data

We are passionate about building high levels of engagement and strong relationships, believing that customers are partners in the success of your own business

See Our Work

We have built up years of experience working in data marketing, take a look at what we have done before and how it has benefited those businesses and their customers

Pay as You Go Consulting

Cost shouldn't be a barrier to progress. Our PAYG consultancy is a flexible and cost effective solution, offering you access to our extensive marketing experience without those large fees 

Silver Jet Insight is here to improve customer experiences and grow loyalty through developing a deep understanding of your customer behaviour

Investing in your customer understanding and improving the experience you offer does more than increase cost and complexity

What We Do

Marketing Strategy

It's hard to achieve anything without a plan. Whether you are sending out an email campaign or running a FTSE100 company, you need a strategy

Marketing Analysis

When you monitor the performance of your campaign activity, at the most basic level you are able to start identifying what works and what doesn't. In the simplest sense, it helps you understand where your budget shouldn't be going


Data protection is right at the heart of data use and it is essential for us here at Silver Jet to understand the legislation in order to make the best opportunities that can be found within your data

Customer Relationship &

Lifecycle Programmes

The customer lifecycle can be thought of as a journey, the interactions between the customer and your organisation. It is a relationship, with interactions coming at different times, for different reasons, fulfilling different needs 

Segmentations & 


You have many customers, they come to you to buy your products and services but do so for different reasons. Using segmentations can help your customer understanding through grouping similar types of customers together, giving you the ability to gain a deep understanding of this segment

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