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Customer Lifetime Value

Looking to grow your revenue by improving your customer lifetime value? Here's just one example of how we've achieved it for our clients.

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The client was looking for help with customer engagement, specifically combating an increasingly promotion driven customer base.

Staff in the stores held responsibility for generating sales, while the marketing team was tasked with driving footfall.


Historically, a promotional approach was taken to customer communications, only talking to customers as part of a product led promotional strategy.


This led to something of a deal hungry customer base and an unexpected reliance on large promotional periods for the business to generate revenue and profit for the whole year.

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A consistent call to action was employed, using personalisation techniques in direct mail, email and SMS to increase engagement.

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The sales force were fed contacts and appropriate strategies to create another touchpoint.

The customer lifecycle journey was developed through analysing customer characteristics and spend behaviour, identifying the significant points in time where behaviour needed to be addressed, either because it became less favourable or there was an unexpected positive change that could be further developed.


Communicating at these trigger points enabled the business to use direct communications to drive positive engagements, influence customer behaviour and ultimately increase incremental revenue.

The lifecycle managed regular contact and generated relevant content for the customers based on segmentations and life stages.

This enabled the business to target specific behaviours and use discrete incentives where appropriate, a method designed to limit access to discounts.

Many of the communications centred on the value that the client adds to their customers, limiting the margin investment and adjusting the customer expectations, from a deal led supplier to value led partner.


The effect of this was a reduction in customer churn, increase in the average lifetime of a customer and an increase in lifetime value that generated an incremental increase of 8% per year in revenue. 

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We have built up years of experience, take a look at what we have done before and how it has benefited the businesses and their customers.

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