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Customer Understanding

You’re here because you know customer understanding is important and you’re looking for inspiration, you can find some below, along with expert advice

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The question from the client was around their customer segmentations and how fit for purpose they were following investment in product and operational systems.

They were concerned that potential opportunities to expand their revenue would be missed and were looking to understand their current position in terms of use of customer data and how this would translate into the near future.

Establishing use of their current data, tools and skills is critical in understanding how their marketing activity would develop and if they are going to be successful in utilising their customer data to grow the business.

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We reviewed the business from a customer and data perspective, to understand the systems supporting marketing efforts, how this translated into their network of outlets and the transactional behaviour of the customer base.

This gave a wide view of the business, including all customer segmentations that existed from pricing, sales and marketing. This allowed us to undertake an analytical review and analysis of spend behaviour to help us understand the true shape of the customer base.

From here we were able to highlight a number of initiatives that the business could adopt to improve their marketing infrastructure, their customer experience and a number of opportunities to generate revenue.

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Our analysis of customer and transactional data allowed us to highlight opportunities for sales and marketing initiatives, alongside potential incremental gains in return on investment. Even with conservative estimates, the response to these initiatives could grow this £1+ billion business by 3-4%.

We have provided strong direction on the behaviours required to generate revenue, with our feedback outlining the potential impact and outcomes of each recommendation, along with a roadmap to exploit the opportunities facing them.

In order to ensure trust and adoption of our recommendations in the business we undertook workshops with outlet, operational and marketing staff, with in person debriefs with key stakeholders.


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