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Our Work

We have built up years of experience working in data marketing, take a look at what we have done before and how it has benefited the businesses and their customers.

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Retention/ slow sales

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Our B2B client with high product values but low/medium sales values needed some help with their customer engagement. We discovered that their customers were highly sensitive to price led promotions which led to a higher churn rate.

Understanding your market

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A rapidly growing national mobile smartphone and tablet repair service, WeFix were looking to gain a better understanding of their customer base. Specifically, identifying their typical customers and how to include them in marketing campaigns. They also required guidance on potential geographical locations for expansion and growth.  

Targeted campaigns

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Our client provided the broad brief of looking at possible opportunities within the business and finding a group of customers within their database who could be influenced through a direct mail campaign. 

Audience engagement

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Our Financial Services client has been running campaigns using bought data with the objective of generating engagement ahead of a switch to lead generation. They were struggling with the inbox and website engagement, not achieving the open, click, page views and repeat visits that they had been looking for. 

Customer understanding

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Lots of businesses changed through the pandemic and found themselves looking somewhat different after the lockdowns, with elements of their business having changed and facing new challenges. Our client had a view of ‘their customer’ and how they engaged with the brand, which was based more in historic feedback and the brand positioning than in deep insight to their customer base. 

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