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Audience Engagement

You’re here because you know audience engagement is important and you’re looking for inspiration, you can find some below, along with expert advice

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Our client had been running campaigns using bought contact data and data from collaborations with trusted partners, with the objective of generating engagement in their target market ahead of changing strategy to lead generation.  

They were struggling with engagement in the inbox and also with their website. The campaigns that had been running were not achieving the performance they hoped for, with email engagement metrics, website page views and repeat visits returning a much lower rate than they required. 


As part of their process the client was sending over early stage leads to the sales team, which were not of the required quality or readiness for conversion.

We reviewed their data, looking at the deliverability of previous campaigns and established the levels of engagement that existed in their database.

With their current position understood we had a benchmark to measure against and knowledge of what had worked, with who. 


This understanding of the engagement gained so far enabled us to segment the contacts based on their interaction with the brand. Allowing us to begin planning an approach to campaigns that nurtured contacts based on their engagement. 


A programme of valuable content was shared with the cadence of delivery designed to be non-intrusive, but frequent enough to build engagement. We wanted the audience to see the emails as worthwhile, enhancing brand reputation, creating strong associations and new engagement habits without being a nuisance.

The revised approach made heavy use of personalisation to increase relevance and engagement.

Typical techniques were used, along with changing the sequence in which a contact received content depending on what they had consumed through their inbox and website content engagement. 


This became a standard approach for number of different campaigns, which evolved based on the campaign performance, further increasing the key engagement metrics. Contacts were also segmented over time based on behaviour and received different journeys based on their engagement with website content, previous emails and campaigns. 


All of the key metrics exceeded expectations, with a highlight being the ‘Highly Engaged’ segment reaching a unique open rate of 89% for one campaign (1448 contacts opened campaign emails out of a segment of 1627 contacts).

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