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Our specialism is in customer centric marketing. We often have things we want to say, thoughts to share out loud and insight to share.

Here they are.

Welcome to Silver Jet Insight

Welcome to the first blog by Silver Jet Insight, a new agency that is here to help businesses give their customers a better experience, through using data to create great strategies, effective tactics and simply great business decisions. It has been born from a passion to give customers a great experience through building a deep understanding of customer behaviour and using this to personalise your communication and service. While this could sound like a nice, fluffy marketing approach to business, it is based on the simple premise that if a customer feels understood and valued, loyalty will follow.

My name is Stephen and I have gained some great experience working in a business that has grown from circa £2bn to over £5.5bn during the period I was part of the organisation. During that time, marketing, business decision making and the use of data has evolved. These are all subjects that are close to my heart and I’m especially passionate about using data to build and drive strategies that improve customer loyalty and the subsequent effect it has on a business.

Silver Jet Insight is the vehicle for me to continue working on my passion, with like minded businesses and people. I feel my experience of influencing high level stakeholders, building convincing business cases, managing medium to large sized teams and strategic thinking has a lot to offer to businesses that want to put their customers first.

What I shouldn’t forget to mention is the value this brings to businesses, over the last 5 years my team and I generated over £250m for the businesses we supported and won several industry awards, including best B2B at the Marketing Week Data Strategy Awards (I'm especially proud of this).

I believe that one of the best assets that any business has to use in their quest to build loyalty is their customer and transactional data. Buried in this data exist patterns that can be used to build the understanding and personal experiences that create strong links between a customer and the business they choose.

Analysing data is one thing, but really understanding what it means and turning that into something meaningful for a business can be something else. I have spent 8 years working on the client side and one thing that has regularly stood out is that there is great information, but not always the skill and expertise to take this, put it into business activities and turn that intelligence into income. In Marketing, there are a huge number of great Brand marketeers, lots of great analysts, but not enough of the people that sit between those two and supercharge their activities. This is what Silver Jet Insight can do and help get the most from these resources and their activities.

The reason for having this blog is to share my thoughts and observations on the industry, technology, techniques and trends. A lot of times, blogs are used purely as another marketing channel, but I want to use this as a means of challenging current thought, sharing ideas and give a forum to like minded people to talk about what they are passionate about. This might be ambitious, but without ambition I would still be a junior analyst and not be in a position to help more businesses.

I hope you will use the comments section or join in the conversations on the Silver Jet social channels, it is always fun and insightful to bounce around ideas and views on these subjects with people just as interested and passionate.I look forward to talking to you in the future.


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