We’ve joined the Save 2021 Sale

Exciting news, we have joined LONDON Advertising and over 30 other marketing agencies to offer the Save 2021 Sale.

This is a great opportunity for companies to get on the front foot, great ready for the upturn and save their 2021.

During January we’re offering new clients three months’ work for the price of two. That’s right, over the course of a project or contract that runs for 3 months. Or 33% off our fees if you’d prefer to look at it that way.

If you’ve been umming and ahhing at commissioning a project, looking nervously at the budget and thinking ‘Should I?’ the answer is yes, you should. Knocking a third off the agency fee makes it look a lot more like a no brainer.

Obviously Silver Jet doesn’t do everything (and we shouldn’t, have you ever seen our welding or Fleckerls!) so you have over 30 other marketing agencies offering the same terms.

This means if you are looking for Media buying, Animation, Creative work, PR or even employee and commercial Wellness strategies, you are covered. In fact, tell us what you are looking for and we will introduce you to the options. Or you can visit https://pimento.co.uk/sale/

That reason you’ve been looking for to kickstart your customer lifecycle and smart, targeted campaigns? You’ve found it. Give me a ring.



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