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Our specialism is in customer centric marketing. We often have things we want to say, thoughts to share out loud and insight to share.

Here they are.

Exciting New Relationships

The new year started with a bang here at Silver Jet and the day to day has definitely kept us from being able to send you any new updates. But there’s nothing like some good news to get you to dust off the keyboard and knuckle back down on the blog so here we finally are and what a post we have for you!

We are thrilled to announce our two huge new partners, Experian and Royal Mail. That’s right, we are working with a couple of the biggest groups out there. So, why is that important and exciting news I hear you ask? Well, as we mentioned in our last blog post (if you can remember that far back, I know it’s been a while) times are changing. GDPR has seen the face of customer databases evolve, meaning effective customer targeting is more important than ever and direct mail is making a comeback! Here at Silver Jet we have been proactive to ensure we’re at the forefront as techniques develop.


A firm belief in doing the right thing when it comes to personal data is something that we’ve covered through this blog previously. A customer centric approach is something we’re very passionate about, lose sight of your customer and I believe you’re heading for disaster. Partnering with Experian will allow us to help our clients focus more on those all important key aspects, relevant messages and targeted content. With the introduction of GDPR and an increasingly competitive marketplace, knowing your customer has never been so important. Working with Experian’s Mosaic and data quality tools enables businesses to gain an in depth understanding of their customer base. It provides us here at Silver Jet with increased access to quality data to help our clients meet their sales and marketing objectives. With data at the foundation of what we do, working with Experian gives us the opportunity to do more.

Royal Mail MarketReach

You can never entirely predict what the future will hold and I’m willing to bet that just a few short years ago you were told that the printed word was dead and everything was going to be digital. Well, it just goes to show that sometimes the old ways are the best. Although undoubtedly more expensive than digital marketing, research shows that not only do 59% of people prefer to receive mail but also that 37% of people that receive mail go on to purchase at some point in the next year. If that’s not convincing enough, campaigns that include mail are 27% more likely to deliver a top ranking sales performance. With those kinds of stats it would be crazy to ignore the resurgence of this trusty tool. They show we actually do still love a good old fashioned hard copy and even the robot revolution has embraced the offline approach with programmatic mail. So we’ve set up a partnership with Royal Mail to help our customers understand the value of direct mail and how to get the best out of printed communications. With Royal Mail on our side we’re even better equipped than before to enable our customers to successfully engage in direct mail marketing. We can show them how mail performs in terms of people reached, number of times viewed and how long it stays in the home. Most importantly we can utilise this information to improve their campaigns.

Both these partnerships are great for our clients. We get to pick the brains of some of the biggest businesses in the marketing world, share their learnings and use their experience to supercharge our own activity. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s incredibly exciting news! But how about you share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below or contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you and we promise you’ll be hearing from us a little more often from now on!

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