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Our specialism is in customer centric marketing. We often have things we want to say, thoughts to share out loud and insight to share.

Here they are.

A Big Welcome to Our Newest Team Member

We would like to officially introduce you to another new team member! That’s right, we’ve expanded even further. With things getting busier we have been looking for the right fit to join us as a Senior Analyst and that person is Chris Goodswen! Chris will be responsible for using the data management experience to streamline the process of taking client data and turning it into assets that drive intelligent marketing. A valuable new member of the Silver Jet team, Chris comes to us with over 25 years’ experience working in data marketing, both in large corporations and small agencies and thankfully likes a wide range of music so can put up with our playlist choices in the office!

So that you can get to know Chris a little better we asked him to answer a few familiar questions:

1. Summarise your role in one paragraph

Providing database management and data preparation/transitioning to provide accurate data sets for ongoing data purpose (e.g. analytics, communication, segmentation, single customer view etc)

2. What’s your favourite pie?

Chicken thigh and mushroom in a white wine sauce

3. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Having the technology and tools to build solutions that really fit the needs and enable real tangible benefits

4. If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

No idea, so after a quick google and online questionnaire I would be a Beaver, because the internet says so….Strange I know!

5. The word you think best describes Silver Jet Insight?

Total-Solution (I cheated with a hyphen)

6. What is your most used emoji?

Smiley face

7. What’s your favourite thing about working for a small business?

Being an integral part of a small team and having the ability to drive solutions forward at a quicker pace

8. If you could go on a holiday anywhere (money is no object) where would it be?

Canada - A week in a city and a week in the mountains

9. Why do you think Silver Jet stands out from competitors?

Our ability to deliver multi-faceted solutions. We provide multitudes of best in class analytics, data management, customer, acquisition and customer communication solutions. A collection of skills that complement each other.

10. What is the one job you would leave Silver Jet for?

To open my own Cafe. It's not going to happen as I do not have the skills or experience but something I have always wanted to do.


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