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Our specialism is in customer centric marketing. We often have things we want to say, thoughts to share out loud and insight to share.

Here they are.

Who needs gold when you've got platinum

Last month Force24 announced that Silver Jet became a Platinum Partner, we thought it was about time we did the same! We are proud to be a Platinum Partner of Force24 because we are passionate, not only about very good marketing automation but what that can mean both for us as a company and our customers.

In a crowded martech industry we aren’t prepared to endorse anything we wouldn’t be happy to use ourselves. So why did we choose Force24? The key for us has been what it takes away – repetitive tasks, the dark art of building an email and the stress of worrying about where your data is. GDPR compliance and clarity on data storage is a huge thing for us, it’s good to know we don’t need a passport to see where our clients’ data is stored!

But this isn’t just about what we think see Force24’s blog for their announcement for that. This is about what they think, we took the opportunity to ask Force24 a few questions about themselves.   

1. What do you look for in a platinum partner Platinum Partners must be users and true advocates of our platform. They need to be able to support their own clients to adopt best practice in alignment with the Force24 way of working so we really look for Partners who are aligned with us in thinking and really support their clients to achieve the best!

2. What do you think makes Force24 stand out from other marketing automation platforms Our platform has been designed to provide a comprehensive automation toolbox which is simple and easy to use allowing the marketer to use the platform to save time whilst yielding better results. Our ultimate USP though is the support we offer. Training and support for the life of any account, as much as the client needs and on a day to day basis. Our team of automation specialists respond on a 2 minute SLA - pretty impressive!

3. How would you describe Force 24 in 3 words Progressive - we are constantly developing and fine tuning our product Accessible - we offer the best of the best automation at a competitive price point Adaptable - we can provide levels of support needed by a client on an individual level and this is flexible

4. What do your users say is the best thing about your platform The standard of the platform that is available for the price point - especially with the unlimited support that is offered!


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